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Set, hørt & læst. Brokker fra massemediernes verden 2005:1

Pressemeddelelse fra SUFOI
Videnskabsministeriet støtter UFO-forening

Danmarks største og ældste UFO-forening, Skandinavisk UFO Information (SUFOI), udgiver "Når du ser et stjerneskud?" med støtte fra Ministeriet for Videnskab, Teknologi og Udvikling.

Ministeriet støtter informationsvirksomhed om rummet, og da et af formålene med SUFOI’s arbejde netop er at identificere og afmystificere UFO-fænomener gennem oplysning om kendte himmelfænomener, har SUFOI modtaget økonomisk støtte til at udgive "Når du ser et stjerneskud? – guide til identificering af himlens fænomener".

Den flotte, farveillustrerede 28 siders guide fortæller i tekst og fotos om naturlige og menneskeskabte fænomener, som med jævne mellemrum iagttages på den danske himmel. Mere præcist er formålet med guiden:

– at være et redskab, som kan hjælpe læseren til at forklare egne observationer
– at øge læserens viden om de fænomener, der kan iagttages på himlen.

Et oplag på 12.000 eksemplarer sendes i den kommende tid ud til danske astronomiforeninger, observatorier, planetarier, pressen, Søværnets Operative Kommando, Hærens Operative Kommando, Flyvertaktisk Kommando m.fl.

Alle interesserede kan få et eksemplar af "Når du ser et stjerneskud? – guide til identificering af himlens fænomener" ved at sende en A5 svarkuvert frankeret med kr. 7,50 til: SUFOI, Postboks 95, 6200 Aabenraa.

Hvis man ser noget tilsyneladende uforklarligt på himlen, kan "Når du ser et stjerneskud?" måske fortælle, hvad man har set. Lykkes det ikke, kan observationen indberettes på et særligt skema på – og så vil Skandinavisk UFO Information undersøge observationen.

Med venlig hilsen
Kim Møller Hansen
formand, Skandinavisk UFO Information (SUFOI)

Læsetips på nettet 

Electronic Voice Phenomena : Voices of the Dead? / by James E. Alcock. – CSICOP 30 December 2004 

When we talk about communication with the dead, we are usually referring to ?mediums? who talk to the dead on our behalf, or who allow the dead to speak to us through them.
What if, instead the dead could speak to us directly, without the middle person?

Full moon madness. – Carolina Morning News 27 October 2004

When some folks look at a full moon, they see a beautiful, silvery orb floating in a sea of stars. Others see a force that drives men mad, fills up emergency rooms and packs out the insane asylum.

Race and creation / by Richard Dawkins. – Prospect issue 103, October 2004

In his new book, "The Ancestor’s Tale," Richard Dawkins deals with the vexed topic of race. Humans, it seems, were predisposed to make sharp distinctions between in-group and out-group before there were any races at all-indeed, races may have evolved partly as a response to that predisposition.

So Far, Psychics Are Batting .000 : 2004 turned out to be a tough year for the predictors / by Leon Jaroff. – Time Online 27 December 2004

They are ubiquitous, operating in shabby storefronts, appearing on national TV shows, keeping tabloids in business, working with naïve police departments and even participating in ludicrous studies by DARPA, the Defense Department?s Agency for Advanced Research Projects. They are the psychics, a motley collection of mystics, charlatans, hoaxers and smooth con artists who have successfully buffaloed a good portion of the public into believing that they have supernatural powers.

Healers’ faith : 73% of doctors in poll say miracles can happen / by Meg Jones. – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 21 December 2004

If anyone believes in miracles, it would probably be the people who see the entire range of human life from birth to death regularly – doctors. So perhaps it’s not surprising that an overwhelming majority of physicians say they believe that miracles occur. In a national survey of 1,100 physicians released this week, 74% said they believe that miracles have happened in the past and 73% believe they can occur.

The Man Behind the Meme : An interview with Richard Dawkins / by Jim Holt. – Slate 1 December 2004

Richard Dawkins, champion of Darwinism and scourge of religion, is a courtly and attractive man, although not much given to humor. If one finds oneself smiling frequently in the presence of this Oxford don?who was recently voted Britain’s No. 1 public intellectual?it is out of sheer enjoyment at his gift for rendering the most subtle evolutionary ideas absolutely lucid.