af Willy Wegner

Set, hørt & læst. Brokker fra massemediernes verden 2006:1


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McGee, Patrick: UNT professor, students believe contact with dead can aid healing /by Patrick McGee. – Star Telegram 13 March 2006

McNeely, David: It’s easy for pseudoscientists to mislead people / by David McNeely. – The Edmund Sun 22 February 2006 keyword=secondarystory

Radford, Tim: The gods of cosmology : Questions about why we and the universe exist are worth asking even if there are no answers / by Tim Radford. – The Guardian 21 March 2006,,1735602,00.html

Sheppard, Fergus: Why we’ll never stop looking for the Holy Grail / by Fergus Sheppard. – The Scotsman 3 February 2006

Teresi, Dick: The Stars Can’t Help It / by Dick Teresi. – The New York Times 5 February 2006 review/05teresi.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

Weir, William: Conspiracy theories often offer people way to cope / by William Weir. – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 12 March 2006

Winfrey, Nathan: Aliens, psychics and ghosts…Oh my!: Study of paranormal beliefs garners national interest / by Nathan Winfrey. – The Vista Online 9 February 2006 2006/02/09/43ecd0cd81c7a